One day when I went to a fun fair with my family. I was excited as my parents gave me 500 rupees which I may spend on anything, but on one condition, that I must stay with my parents. There was so much to enjoy at the fair, such as roller coasters, magic shows, stalls and many more. I put my hand inside my pocket and took out my money. A ten rupee note flew away, I ran so fast to catch it. Next I found myself behind a candy floss stall. The note got stuck to candy floss. Before I get to it, a boy bought it.

 I felt so sad. Then when I turned back, I saw that my parents were missing! How could I find them in the midst of a mega fun fair? I started crying and sat in a seat with lots of seats front and behind. Suddenly a safety belt automatically wrapped around me. When I saw the surroundings I was in a roller coaster! My parents had told me not to ride in a roller coaster, because I would be dizzy. Then like a flash of lightning, the ride started. I felt unconscious. Then, I woke up after a long period of time. I could experience the dizziness as if my stomach had reached my throat.

             I started again to search my parents, but with my dizziness it was harder than before. I didn’t even know where I was going. A magician called me to be a volunteer, but I shouted out all his tricks and I was chased away. I participated in a dart throwing competition. Just because I was dizzy. I threw the dart at the shopkeeper’s nose. When I saw his nose there was a tiny hole, I was chased away again.

           Later at about evening, the fair was about to be closed. At that time I could remember a very special advice that my parents gave me. The advice which I had forgotten was “if you get lost we would be sitting in the bench outside, come there and meet us “. I was shocked as how I could forget this. I ran out in fear, and there I found my mother, father and brother. They had been waiting for about three hours. I was so scared. It is not be possible to describe the scolding I got!

Written by Daniel Victor

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